My first artistic role was that of a musician. Rock and Roll music was the connecting experience that taught me... a group is far greater than the sum of it’s parts. Harmony, poetry and always seeking for deeper meaning led me to greater awareness. Percussive rhythms awakened the primal life force linking my world with the beyond.

Photography added a new dimension to my life during college and brought into focus & expanded my visual appreciation of the outer space we share. Starting in the mid-1980’s I worked to develop new artistic tools and techniques which integrated photography with the emerging capabilities of computer technology.

Using the technology of the present era with purpose, focusing on inner as well as outer experiences, my intention is to share special connection points where you may perceive Beauty.

This life, so filled with intensity & opportunity, allows me to joyfully express Gratitude and Praise for All. May we all experience Unity & Peace and recognize the smile of Infinity with each and every breath.

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Thank you,

Greg Welch

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Sparks of Light

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