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Age 3

Amy has won honorable mention in the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest for two years in a row.
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Toodle Doodle’s Letter

Amy Welch

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Please note: Amy’s page is overdue for an update. Amy is almost 16 now. Check out Abigail on our home page.

Amy Welch loves to create artwork.
Here you will see some of her paintings.
She has been painting since she was three.
Amy says “ It takes a lot of effort to become a great artist.”
She loves making books with pictures. They help to tell the story.
“The beach makes me happy but the mountains bring me joy every day.
I think about my artwork a lot. Sometimes I get frustrated when I do my art. It doesn’t always come out like I want it to. But if you keep trying, it will come out right.”

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Thank You !!!

The Big Test

Age 8